current project

Bad Things

Short film about an eight year old girl realizing the world is unfair. (MFA thesis film, University of Texas)

directed, wrote, and produced

The Letter E

A short movie musical about love, meaninglessness, and a 14 year old girl named Eleanor who loves the letter E.

(Special Jury Award for Originality of Vision at Bend Film Festival)


Multiple Short Films

Including a music video, a super-hero super-short, and multiple experimental short films made as a part of the Cinema Laboratory at The University of Texas.

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A short documentary about an Austin legacy. Every Sunday at Ginny's Little Longhorn Saloon, you can find hoards of people dancing to honky-tonk, drinking beer, and playing Chicken Shit Bingo.

Created as a part of the University of Texas MFA program in Fall 2015.


The Brooklyn Bon-Vivant Bartending Book

What once was a pile of scraps of paper with cocktail recipes written on them is now a fully-assembled book of knowledge from some of the best bartenders in Brooklyn.


Smithsonian Channel's Award-Winning iPad App

Way back when, I helped conceive of this app, then acted as the Product Manager for its implementation.


Mira, the font

A font based on handwriting. Free, easy, breezy.

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